What a Way to End the Summer!  

With "Tropical Storm Hermine" out there off the coast, Labor Day Weekend will be memorable for sure.   According to The Weather Channel, this is the first disturbance in 10 years to affect Florida, of all places!  The storm, unfortunately,  has hit Florida pretty hard.  Apparently, those forecasting the weather are predicting that we will also feel the brunt of Hermine's temper there for a little bit.  Thank goodness this storm is not another "Sandy", they say, but it is expected to bring coastal flooding and beach erosion not to mention some severe winds along the Eastern seaboard.  Technically not a Hurricane, we have been issued "Tropical Storm Warnings" for our area.  Are you ready just in case?   Being so close to the coast here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, it's always a good idea to be prepared for whatever may come with Mother Nature.  Between the oppressive heat we had this past summer and now this impending storm, it goes without saying one should always be ready for weather changes.  Usually these type of storms don't make it up the coast this far to be all that severe (Thanks to the way our country is shaped, North Carolina usually takes the brunt of a storm  and punts it out to sea), but no one likes to be surprised just because they aren't ready for what may happen.  Better to have supplies & be prepared and then not to need them, than the other way around!  Plus, the ocean temperatures are still quite warm, thanks to that heat we had for so long this summer, which will be fuel for the storm and will help it to stay strong off the coast.   With Hurricane Season not ending until early October, we still have the chance for a stray storm here & there but, hopefully, it won't be all that.   It's strange to look outside right now and see such a pretty day knowing what's looming out there in the Atlantic and skimming the coastline.  Stepping outside, the humidity is almost gone and the temperatures are not even close to what they've been lately.   You should take it all in now while you can and ... Be Prepared and Stay Safe!   


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